Pre-payment meter, night/off-peak tariff?

I’m on a pre-payment meter. I checked my peak rate but does Buld have an off-peak tariff at all? If it does, when is it?

What sort of prepayment meter?

Bulb offer an Economy 7 tariff (day & night rates), but only if you have an Economy 7 meter.

The exact times for the E7 off-peak rate depend on your location and which DNO you’re covered by. We keep suggesting to Bulb that they could document the E7 hours in their Help pages, and they’ve agreed that it’s a good idea, but haven’t actually done anything about it to date (there is a Help page about E7 hours, but it waffles).

I don’t know what kind of meter do I have. I just moved in this flat, I have never used this type of meter before…

Well… That is fantastic!! Why to inform your customers, right?
Anyway, thank you froyour answer

I don’t work for Bulb. I’m just a punter like yourself (and actually at the moment, I’m not even supplied by Bulb!).

If you post details of your meter (make/model or picture), I’m sure someone here will be able to point you in the right direction.

Hey @vattacukor,

It looks like your meter is only one rate, so you’re only being charged one price no matter what time of the day. You can double check this by seeing if you have a screen J or K as explained here - if you don’t then you’re only being charged one flat rate at all times.