Pre Payment Top Up as much as ££££'s possible NOW ahead of predicted increases

Hello there - I have Bulb prepayment meters for both gas & electricity do people think it would be a good idea to top them up as much as I can NOW before the expected price increases come in ::::: has anyone already done this ? - I’m new to the community I’ve never posted anything before and I look forward to hearing from anyone about this ::: Thanks

You’re charged when you use the energy, using the applicable rates at that time.

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So @norman7115 is absolutely right here, the tariff is changed on your meter whenever we increase our vari-fair tariff, meaning that if you had credit on your meter and we did have a price increase in April, that credit would start to be used quicker, as the tariff would have increased.

You can find some more info on how increases in our tariff will affect you, by checking our blog for the price increase we had in October 2021. Energy price watch: we’re changing our prices | Blog | Bulb

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