Prepaid meter chewing through gas money like no tomorrow!

When i joined bulb, i was under the impression that i wouldn’t be paying more than £10 per week for my gas usage. It clearly stated £7 electric and £10 gas. Yet with the months getting colder, I have found myself feeding the gas meter £20 every other day, it used £10 in 2 days last week!

Now there is nobody in the house during the day and the heating is set to come on at 5am until 8am and 7pm until 10pm. The house is still cold due to being a mining terrace house, but the amount of gas disappearing into the meter is rediculous. I was better off with my previous supplier EDF!

Is there a winter rate i do not know about? If the costs cannot be brought down, i will be forced to leave bulb a measly 3 months after joining…

Holding my breath for a reply…

Surely the £10 per week quote is an average over 12 months? i.e., it’s going to be very expensive over the winter but you’ll pay practically nothing for gas over the summer, averaging out to £10 per week?

Just compare the actual unit rate you’re paying and you’ll soon know if it’s cheaper or not? You don’t need to guess based on weekly usage or an estimated quotation.

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