Prepay meter but being asked to set up direct debit

I have prepayment meters (not smart meters), I top them both up every month when I get paid. Earlier this year I moved to bulb with the promise the payments would be lower. And they have been. I received an email yesterday stating I needed to set up a direct debit to pay for gas but not electric. I contacted bulb to query this and they are absolutely adamant I have a credit meter. I have never had a credit meter as it is part of the terms of my tenancy agreement that they remain as prepay meters. I was also concerned this email may be a scam, they confirmed they had sent the email, that I must set up a direct debit and that I am in debt although wasn’t given a figure. At this point I gave up because the person I spoke to wasn’t grasping the fact that I do not have a credit meter. Today I receive another email containing 6 attachments that are bills. The first 3 are for electric and from what I can tell are correct. The next 3 are for gas and are once again claiming I have never paid for gas. I have receipts for some payments but not all of them. I can’t afford to pay twice but bulb are not accepting I already pay by prepayment meter. I have 22 month old twins and I’m worried I will have my supply cut. My heating, hot water and my only way of cooking is by gas. Please can someone help!

I doubt you would be cut off.
If what you are saying is correct then escalate your complaint through their official complaints procedure.
You have spoken to them and given them the chance to sort it, so escalate it.

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Hi @caroline.f.eccleston and welcome to our Community :deciduous_tree:

I’m really sorry about this frustrating situation. I can see that you’ve spoken to my colleague this morning and raised a complaint about this situation.

I can see from the photos you’ve sent that you do have prepay meters for both fuels. We will get this sorted for you very quickly and this online bill will be removed.