Prepay meter. Payzone do not have the capability to charge up my card

We have no gas. Each payzone retailer keeps telling me that their machines do not work with the British Gas cards. I have a 20 month grandchild and no hot water or heating. There is no way of getting in touch with bulb, BG, or payzone to rectify the problem.

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If you are a customer of Bulb why are you using a British Gas Card?

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I have no other card.

When did your switch to Bulb complete? You should have received a card from Bulb.

Bulb contact details are here:

about 6 moths ago. No one told me that a new card was to be issued. As a side note I was able to top up the card late on Sunday when I found a shop that had their machine upgraded

What exactly happened in between being able to top up and not being able to top up? What stopped your normal top up process you’ve been using for 6 months from working?

I went to top up the card as usual. I was informed that the card was no longer able to use paypoint and that I would have to find a payzone outlet. I search for the nearest locations, however, the payzone machines had not been upgraded so they were unable to top up the card. We had no hot water or heating from Friday evening until I was able to find a payzone outlet that had the correct machine on Sunday

It sounds to me like you’re still with British Gas and your switch to Bulb never actually completed. Your problem matches what @skippy64 described above.

Are you absolutely sure you switched to Bulb 6 months ago? Did you have confirmation? The fact that you never received a top up card from Bulb indicates you’re not a customer of Bulb.

@William_at_Bulb … some help here please?

I will look into it, however, When I tried BG on Saturday, they had no record associated with me. It could be that that only swapped over the electricity supply

Do you have a Bulb top up card for electricity?

No it is direct debit for electricity

Sounds like you’ve solved it then. You’re with Bulb as a pay monthly customer for electricity, but still with British Gas as a prepayment customer for gas.

Could be. I’ll have a look. Thanks for your help

Hi @glenntomalulu,

Thanks for getting in touch with us through Community.

As the others have already suggested (thanks @Hooloovoo!), Bulb aren’t supplying your gas at the moment, as we had only received a switch request for your electricity.

If you’d like to switch over your gas to Bulb, please drop me a message and I’ll initiate that for you. Bulb prepay members are able to use both Payzone and PayPoint top up stores - which hopefully suits you well.


Thanks for your reply. I would be interested in swapping over the GAS to Bulb. Send me some details if you would be so kind