Prepay meter stockpiling before 1st April

Hi, Please could you confirm that if I top up my meter to maximum amount before 1st April that Bulb will not class this as a tariff mismatch and claim this back at a later date. I have seen screen shots of messages from various supplies saying they will do this when replying to customers, not just Scottish Power. I have not got a smart meter. Thanks, Tina.

Hello @tinaemch123

Gas meters may update with our new prices if you top up before 1 April, but customers won’t be charged the new rates until then. Electricity meters will update with our new prices the first time customers top up after 1 April.

Carl :bulb:

Hi Carl,
I have about £84 on my prepaid electricity mater right now and £255 on my key. Does this mean that I have to go into debt in order to load this credit if the maximum the meter can hold is also £255? Is there a way to load part credit from the key from your end so that I do not go into debt? Also please explain clearly - if I paid for electricity at today’s rate so before 1st April and won’t be able to load this credit because the above, the old price information loaded onto the key at PayPoint will be transferred onto the meter (old type) even if I load the key after 1st April?

Hi, Don’t worry because when you topped up your key with the £255.00 it was at the current tariff. When you put your key in the meter after you’ve used up your £84,00 credit it will still be today’s rate even if you don’t do it until May. It’s the top up terminal in the shop not the meter. Hope this makes sense.:grin: