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Yes. Bulb do charge for meter changes for standard meters.

@gemu85 if you go to the Help section and type in “Can I change from a prepayment meter to month bills” then the first result returned contains all the information you require.

Can i get a monthly pay account if i have a prepay account

See: Can I exchange my prepayment meter? – Bulb

Can or how do we change from a prepay meter to a monthly payment

I want to switch from prepay to credit meters. How do I do it?

How simple is it to switch a prepayment over to a smart meter?

Hi @Ppandya28, we don’t actually offer smart meters yet, but we will be from early next year

Has anyone changed thier prepayment meters to the normal ones

Yes. Lots of people.

Has anyone changed thier prepayment meters to the normal ones

Hi there, if you would like to go to a smart credit meter we can do this for you free of charge in the future. Just email into with your inquiry and someone will be able to give you some more advice.

If you want to change to a non-smart normal credit meter there is a £120 charge per meter.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, would like to change from prepayment meter to smart meter . Will Bulb install new meter ?

Will Bulb install new meter ?

Yes. But it may not be for many months or even this year. Bulb are rolling out smart meters through 2019/2020.

Thanks for answering Hooloovoo

I am switching to bulb on Monday. I have £22 still on the meter. When do I use the new bulb key? I would also like a credit meter, hate prepayment.

Let’s deal with you queries one by one.

  1. If you have excess credit on your meter when it’s switched, you should receive a cheque to make good your account balance.
  2. Yes you can switch to a credit meter but bulb charge £120 for this.
    • On this, a switch to a smart meter attracts no cost if you want one.
  3. I believe you should use your bulb key on the day of the switch

@Lee Have you read this?
You’ve got to use up any electricity credit on the old key first before using the Bulb key otherwise you’ll lose it.

@FromTheValleys You’ve got to make sure you’re giving people the correct information.

The credit is entirely down to the old supplier. Npower suggested what I said so I don’t think my information is incorrect. It’s all about how the bill is handled at the other end