Prepay meter to credit meter

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@FromTheValleys This is something different.
The OP is moving from prepayment with one supplier to prepayment with Bulb.

Yeah, I realise this, but this was the best link I came across.

Npower state that energy suppliers should settle a final bill regardless of what type of meter your on. If you’re in credit like the OP is then they will get a cheque in the post with the difference.

I can’t really understand that if you can transfer a debt between suppliers by the same token you should be able to transfer some credit. There will be final meter readings and the previous supplier should work out the delta.

If I were OP but it’s too late unless they cancel the switch is to make the change to credit meters with the previous supplier and then switch to bulb. But some suppliers like boost are prepay only (but the smart meters allow for easier mode switching)

Thanks for the replies. I moved into this property and have different suppliers for gas and electric. I asked the current provider to change the electric meter and was promised a call back. Never came. Hate poor customer service, so decided to switch. As I go live tomorrow will be too late to cancel the switch over. Might need to rethink the switch to credit then if they charge to change the meters.

Depends if you’re inclined to get a smart meter?

They change to those for free. But there are numerous problems with smart meters so its up to you to take the risk.

Also, it’s worth considering how much cheaper the standard tariff and standing charges are. Depending on your energy usage I wonder how quickly the cost will be recouped. It’s worth doing the maths for suren

Can I change my prepayment meter for Smart meter?

HI @Anusia you can do, you will need to allow us to credit check you though. If you want to know more, give us a ring on 0300 30 30 635

Thank you @“Callum at Bulb” :slight_smile:

hi been on hold for 30 mins trying to get through to Bulb to ask about swapping from prepayment to Monthly, as anyone else found it hard to get hold of them?

Have you tried live chat?

did you ever figure this one out I have been trying for a while, but how do you know how much to pay each month?

If you don’t already have an idea of your typical usage in kWh each year, then Bulb will estimate for you based on the size of your property. This is usually in the ball park but it’s important to remember it is basically only a guess, and you need to submit meter readings each month to ensure your actual usage is logged and your payments adjusted every so often accordingly.

Hi @missjodiecairns_x, if you have a prepay meter with us and you’re looking to change to a credit meter these are the steps:

Firstly, in order to change you to a credit meter you need to have smart signal in your area.

Secondly, we will run a soft credit check on yourself. If you pass we can put in a smart meter for free. The credit check takes around a week, and booking in a smart installation can be done in most cases for 2/3 weeks in the future.

Finally, in order to work out how much you would pay a month, we would take your annual consumption figures and run them through our website as if you are a new credit customer. The monthly quote our website gives you, would be what we recommend you pay per month.

You’re refusing to install smart meters in areas without signal, even when the customer wants the meter replaced for reasons other than smart features?

We’re not installing smart meters in areas without signal. In these cases, we have two options. The first would be to wait for smart signal to extend to the property that doesn’t have signal. This is our preferred option.

The second would be to look at installing a traditional credit meter. However, we don’t have any of these in stock at the moment. Although, we’re expecting an update on this next month. For this option there would also be a charge.

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I have recently (yesterday) moved into my first property, it has a pre payment meter installed with npower and I’d like to switch that to a smart meter and ideally change to a bulb tariff… what is the best way to go about this? As I see bulb don’t do smart meters…?

The second thing is the meter is currently outside as is my fuse box… i would ideally like to move the smart nearer and fuse box inside the house but obviously the meter would have to come first due to my lack of funds right now to move it, can they do this?

Any help from anyone with knowledge or who was in same boat would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

Hi Ryhan19

We cannot currently exchange prepay to credit meters. You can switch to Bulb and have our prepay tariff, however if you’d like to change to a credit meter then you’d need to request that the existing supplier change this for you.

If you’d like your meter moved inside then again your current supplier would arrange this in tandem with your local Distribution Network Operator.


Cheers for the comment James.

Hello I m with you but have a prepayment meter for my gas only. Is there anyway I can change that to direct debit?

Hello I m with you but have a prepayment meter for my gas only. Is there anyway I can change that to direct debit?

Could cost you £120 but please see this article: Getting your meter changed, removed or tested – Bulb