Prepay meter will cut off my electricity EARLY next week

Rather than repeat what My problem is I have copied and pasted here what I sent to the emergency email address last night
I am self isolating as part of the vulnerable group.

Message begins

" I used the preloaded electricity key that you sent me (as well as the gas card).

A neighbour topped up my original key and card for £40:00 on each.

I have just topped up the £40 on gas with no problem.
The electricity key keeps showing “Error:d6”
According to the Bulb error codes page it says:
" Errors D2, D4, D6
Your new key isn’t talking to the meter correctly.
Get in touch, we’ll issue you an 8-digit TAG code for you to reprogramme your key.

It is 2000 on Saturday 25/04/2020 and I have 35 PENCE on my electricity meter.
I cannot access emergency credit with my original key but have tried and succeeded with the preloaded key you sent me.
So I now have £5 emergency credit before my electricity is cut off.
You said I could use my original key as normal after using preloaded key.
Obviously this is not the case.

It seems the preloaded key has now been registered to my meter, hence enabling emergency credit.
I need to be able to use my original key with the £40 added by Tuesday 28th April at the latest.
Please advise and resolve this problem.

As a follow up to my previous message.

I understand the 8 digit tag code has to be reprogrammed at a top up point.

This is totally unsuitable for me as I have no way of doing this without a bus ride and breaking guidance rules.

Which I absolutely will not do.

So please don’t offer this as a solution."

Message ends


Hi @mickyd3d,

I’m very sorry to hear about the stressful situation regarding your prepay keys. A D6 is caused when the wrong key is used. For electricity, you do need to use the latest key that is entered, otherwise you will get this error.

To fix this issue, please can you contact our emergency number as soon as possible: 0300 303 0635

I used the wrong key by following the advice given through the Bulb emergency email address, ie being told I could use my original key as normal after using preloaded key.

From the Bulb error code page:
“Errors D2, D4, D6
Your new key isn’t talking to the meter correctly.
Get in touch, we’ll issue you an 8-digit TAG code for you to reprogramme your key.”

Notice it says for you to reprogramme your key. No mention of taking it to the shop…

This issue has now been resolved after using the emergency call back option yesterday and sending the above message.
Dominic from Bulb phoned me this morning.
The solution offered?
Take the key with a tag code to the top up shop.
The very thing I ordered the preloaded key to avoid.
I was told that this was the only solution on offer.
After I insisted that I would not be doing that (read my message) he offered another option for him to contact the local council and get a volunteer to take the key to the shop.
This is the solution that resolved the issue.

I don’t wish to vilify anyone. We all make mistakes, but I do object to being told that I must be responsible for resolving the problem caused by wrong information from Bulb.

It has been 17 days since you raised this wrong information issue.
Perhaps you can update us as to what action, if any, has been made?
Is the correct information now being sent with these preloaded keys?
Are they being sent first class?
Any information at all???

I understand that Dominic has now raised this issue as a complaint of his own volition.
So we shall see if anything changes.


That is good news this has now been resolved. I’m very sorry for the miscommunication.

I can assure you that our energy specialists are now making it very clear when we do send out a preloaded key, to use the new key going forward.

I’m also glad that my colleague Dominic has raised this as a complaint, as this what I was going to suggest.

[quote=“Noah_at_Bulb, post:4, topic:81354”]
That is good news this has now been resolved.[/quote]

The problem with my preloaded key has been resolved, thanks to the Tendring volunteers, but Bulb’s suggestion to resolve the complaint has not beeen accepted.

No miscommunication involved. The advice given was both clear and concise.
It was simply wrong.

And according to Dominic the way they do that is to mirror the instructions when you first join Bulb. No change there then…

It is strange that you have failed to answer the question regarding first class post.
I say strange because I asked Dominic the same question and he ignored it also.


Hi @mickyd3d,
I was not ignoring the question about first class post. I’ve been speaking to our prepay team and I wanted to get a clear answer on this before letting our community know.

Therefore, I can now confirm that all of our keys are sent out through first class post. Every evening we send our partners who handle the keys a batch that need to be sent out. The next day they are sent first class and therefore should arrive the following day. However, when we first developed this process and due to the high volume of cases there was a delay. But, we are now back on track but still make clear that due to spikes in demand, it may take up to 5 working days to receive a preloaded key.

No sir! You ignored it.
Making no reference to it in your reply in my book is ignoring it.
You could have said you would look into it and then reply. That would have been an answer.
But making no mention at all? I repeat in my book is ignoring it.

A strange thing again, when I complain the question is responded to.
Exactly the same thing happened when I pointed out to Dominic that he had ignored the question…
He then answered it.


Hi @mickyd3d,

Point noted. I should of made clearer from the start in my previous message that I was getting clarification on the first class post question. I apologise for this.

They offered me £10 credit as a resolution.
As it was Tendring volunteers they used to rectify a mistake they made, I asked them to make a donation to the Tendring volunteers charity instead.
They refused!