Prepay Smart Meter - No Card Yet and Online Topup Not Working

I had a new Smart Meter fitted on 09 November. I’ve topped up online with no issues until today, when the app says online top up isn’t available.

I don’t have a card yet to top up at a shop - what’s the procedure for dealing with this? I emailed bulb and they sent me a link to set up a direct debit - which I am NOT doing on a prepay meter!

any advice on when the card might arrive?

Hey @mCarv - I’m sorry to hear about the smart prepayment issue you’re having, as it sounds like it’s gone smoothly up until now. I’m going to raise this now with our smart pay as you go team and make sure we sort this so you can top up and stay on supply. I can see you’ve emailed in, so I’ll pick up your email and respond on there in more detail.

– Miriam :bulb: