Prepay vs Credit Tariff

Hi, I just moved to a new home which has prepay smart meters. What is the price difference between the credit tariff you offer and the prepay? I am wondering whether to switch it back to credit to save money or whether to leave it as is. I quite like the idea of Prepay as long as its comparable or only slightly more expensive.

Hi @RobinBobbin

I’m sure one of our impartial Community members can jump in here to help you out.

The unit rate of energy does vary between regions. That’s because of the distribution costs are different for each distribution network operator (the companies that get the energy from A to B ).

To find out the traiff rates, e’d need to know your postcode. But as this is a public forum, it’s best practice not to post iit on here. I’d suggest popping to our website to get a quote.

You can select eithr prepay or credit and download the tariff deatils if you’d like.

Generally speaking, the upsides of having a prepay meter are:

  • You can top up as you go. So if you're not using much energy, you won't need to pay in advance.
  • You don't need to worry about having debit on your account.
  • It's one less bill to think about.

But equally there are advantages to having a credit meter:

  • You pay the same amount each month and your account balance fluctuates depending on your energy usage.
  • There's no need to top up.
  • The unit rate and standing charges are a bit cheaper.

If anyone else has some advice for RobinBobbin, please chip in!