Prepayment app for prepayment meters

Just joined and so far so good. The app will not work for prepayment and says that it is due in early 2020. Can anyone tell me when I’ll be able to use it.
Thank you
Sue x

Hi @sue2 and welcome to our Community :crown:

We’re going to be introducing smart prepay very soon but it is not quite ready yet. In your case, we will need to upgrade the meter itself to a smart meter which will then allow you to top-up via the app.

You can sign up for updates about when we’ll be offering this here:

Hi Noah
Thank You for this info. It’s a shame as I have never wanted a smart meter but just wanted to pay via an app so I don’t have to go out.
Happy to have the renewable energy though.

Would be nice to see an app for pre-payment meters.

Just a thought how would the app read the pre-payment meter in question :nerd_face:

Don’t think it’s possible without a smart meter :confused:

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Yep I agree with this as well as the meter reading comes from the key when I top up.

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Hi @sue2

You’re right, unfortunately to be able to top up online or using an app you’d need to have smart meters. Communicating with them on the smart network is what allows suppliers to remotely top them up.

Out of curiosity, why wouldn’t you want smart meters at your property? We’re always looking for feedback on these things :robot:

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Looking into the future, I am pretty sure everyone will have their own SMART Meter even pre-pay meters will be able to Top Up eventually using an app on a Mobile Phone or a Tablet/Computer.

It seems that this is the way the energy industry wants to go.
If it is done properly and the network glitches are all ironed out and it is a secure way of paying for energy it may be a bad thing at all.

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@cherryp47 That’s spot on, it’s definitely the way the industry is moving. Especially with all the progress with smart meters, it just makes sense that our Prepay members will be able to top up through the app or on our website.

We’re still working on getting our Smart Prepay tariff up and running at the moment, as Noah said, but we’re hoping to be rolling this out very soon so watch this space! :eyes:

I have enough Wi Fi zipping about my home as it is, don’t want to add to that or start a conversation about it.
Just because technology moves, doesn’t mean we have to.

Hi @sue2, smart meters actually use radio waves or a mobile signal (depending where you are in the country) to send meter readings to us, which is on a par with baby monitors and mobile devices.

You can read a bit more about smart meter safety on the Government website here.

Of course, you’re right though, smart meters aren’t compulsory so you’re more than welcome to opt out.