Prepayment gas meter

Hi I owed £14 on gas and I topped up £20 its given me.£14 in gas but says I still owe £13 how is that

I removed my own reply so let’s start again…

So the fastest way is to review your gas prepayment screens to see what it has done:

  • Meter starts on CREDIT screen, which it will always revert back to after a few seconds of inactivity. It will always display either ON or OFF depending on where the supply valve is positioned.
  • Pressing and releasing the A button moves to the OWED screen that tells the customer how much emergency credit and standing charge must be paid back. This is limited to 70% of the top up
  • Pressing A again moves to the METER INDEX screen, an industry term for meter reading. When the meter has a separate display for meter reading then this screen may be absent.
  • Pressing A again goes back to the CREDIT screen and these 2/3 screens will be toggled between over and over.
  • By pressing and holding the A button for 3 seconds, a beep will sound and the meter screen will change to screen…
  • 27 to show GD REMAINING (Gas Debt), if the gas card is inserted
  • 00 to show the last successful credit and the date on which it was accepted, if the gas card is not inserted
  • Pressing A again will cycle through the screens
  • Screens 00, 01, 02 and 03 will flash up in order when the customer tops the meter up and are then populated

Because you can have a host of credit due as you can have friendly credit, emergency credit and debt repayments (if you have any) (which a gas prepayment favours repayment on first) and because it’s only taken £6 from your £20 which is 30% is quite odd as reading what your wrote i would have assumed it would have taken the full 70% (£14) and left you with £6 credit with no owed.