Prepayment meter blank screen

My prepayment meter screen went blank months ago and due to covid we couldn’t get it changed out.
Bulb are going to fit a new smart meter which will fix it so all good there.
There is top up on my key which has not been used but I don’t have receipts for the top ups.
Question: how do I pay for electricity used since it stopped displaying?
Do bulb have a way of working it out or is it free electricity until they fix it?

Hi @keithbauer - welcome to community :wave:

It sounds like your meter has gone into failsafe mode. This is where a prepayment meter resets in order to ensure your supply continues to flow without any issues following a power cut.

Your meter will continue to supply your property in failsafe mode but whilst you’re waiting for your replacement you must continue to top-up as normal since we will use your usual consumption pattern (which we get details of each time you top up) to calculate how much energy you will have used between the date it went blank and the date we exchange the meter. If you’ve topped up less than our calculations, we will bill you for the difference and vice versa.

– Meg :bulb:

Hi Megan
Okay that’s understood but I have been topping up my key and inserting it into the meter, the meter does not take the top up and I went to top up again and the previous top up was still on the key?
Do I just keep topping up the key and you can get the money of it?

Hey @keithbauer - as long as you top up the key you don’t need to put it into the meter, as we can monitor the amount topped up. - Miriam