Prepayment Meter not reading card

I’ve recently switched to Bulb a few months ago and was sent a prepayment card. I’ve just put some money onto the card but when I put the card in the meter, it doesn’t recognise it or even seem to recognise a card has been inserted. The meter is switched on (button A) but when I put the card in and press the b button, it doesn’t change at all.
I am a disabled armed forces veteran and have a number of health problems which mean I am in isolation as high risk. I have less than £2 left on the meter and am worried sick that I will be left without heating or hot water during this awful situation.

Hi @cullers,

I’m sorry about the problems you’re having with the card. If this is the first time you’ve used your card can I check you did the below?

Plug the new card into your meter and wait 60 seconds
Make sure the gold chip on your gas card is facing up. This will register your card. Once that’s done, we’ll be your official supplier of renewable gas. Plugging in your new card won’t wipe any credit you already have on the meter.

You can then top up after registering the card.

I’d recommend giving us a call on 0300 303 0635 as you are low on credit and we can help you out as quickly as possible.

The meter will not stay on for 60 seconds. I put the card in and after 20seconds the meter switches off. If I insert the card and press B (as it says) the meter beeps once but no change on the display and again, it switches off after 20 seconds. There is no kind of resistance when inserting the card as though there is nothing on the other side of the slot.

Hi @cullers,

Ok, would you be able to give us ring on the number above and we’ll be able to chat to you about this and get to the bottom of it? We made need to talk you through some steps over the phone.