Prepayment meter - signed up but forgot not to use the old fob

Hi Bulb People,
I made a mistake and I think this is going to delay my switch to Bulb for another 2-3 months.
I signed up about 2 weeks ago but in the meantime was in need of topping up my electricity.
The times where I was topping up by £10 or £20 is long gone and as usually I topped up £100 to have peace of mind for another couple of months.
In the meantime I got an email from Bulb that they are going to send me a new fob and reminded that I have to use all the existing credit before I can use the new fob (apparently by inserting it I activate the new supplier but this would also clear the existing balance!).

It would be good if in their welcome email Bulb could remind their joiners not to top up hundreds of pounds because this effectively delays the switch by another x number of months unless I don’t get it right.
Best regards

Hi @michael.kardell Welcome to the Bulb Community :wave:

The switch to Bulb will still go through on the same date and you’ll be able to get in touch with us if you have any issues in that time.

Just make sure you don’t activate the Bulb key until you’ve used up the £100 credit from your top up. It’s a good point and maybe we could let members know when they sign up that activating the Bulb key will reset the credit on the meter, so to not top up too much in the 21 days before the switch.

Most of our members do top up £10-30 rather than £100 which may be why we’ve not considered this before. Out of interest were you not aware of the new supplier’s key resetting the meter previously? Any other feedback from the Community on awareness of this would be really useful too

Hi Matthew,
I remember changing the fobs last time but it was over 4 years ago and I simply forgot that a fob is the only mean of identifying an electricity supplier vs the meter.
The last email from Bulb do warn not to insert the new fob too early.
I think the very first welcome email “Hello from Bulb” email should mention something about an electricity key/fob replacement.
Thank you
Best regards

Hi @michael.kardell

We’ll technically be your supplier from the switch date but you’ll be on your old suppliers tariff until you use our key.

That’s a great idea to put this information in the initial email and I’ll definitely raise it with our communications team