Prepayment Meter too expensive

I switched suppliers and used my new key last week. I put on £10 at 8pm. The next day I went onto emergency credit. I have put a total of £40 so far. I am in a 2 bedroom flat with minimum appliances. Why so high a payment?

@Karan, unfortunately nobody in the community here has any access to your meter details and usage figures.

Did you perhaps switch suppliers with debt on the meter which needed to be paid off?

Hi @Karan, when you switch to Bulb your electricity key should wipe all previous supplier debt. However, there are rare instances when this doesn’t happen. If that’s the case - we need you to take a picture of the meter display which says ‘Debt: £X’ and send it so we can get that wiped for you.

With a gas prepay meter, the card won’t unfortunately wipe the debt automatically. It should be wiped by the previous supplier, but if not, we’ll need you to send a photo in as mentioned above.

If your meter display isn’t showing any debt, then the high usage may be caused by a faulty appliance. A local electrician would be the best way to investigate this, but let me know if there’s anything that you would like me to look into.

I switched to bulb I never had a debt on my meter I put the key in it says 5 pounds emergancy the next day it was finished
I never had any heating on nor no fridge freezer I’m thinking about switching back to another company its too expensive

If the unit rate and standing charge you are paying is cheaper than your previous supplier, then it’s clearly cheaper and not more expensive. Simple as that.

If the credit has been used up so quickly then the fault must be elsewhere.