Prepayment meter


I have just moved into to a new place and they have a prepayment meter. I would like to switch to bulb and use the standard meter. I called the current energy company and they said could only change if I start an account with them but I would very much like to go with you.

Can you change the meter?

Best wishes


Hey @Tamcam

You would need to sign up with current provider and they would look at installing a credit meter for you after a credit check. Once installed you can apply to move your supply to bulb.

Worth noting that bulb don’t support prepayment meters currently so wouldn’t be able to take supply over unless the meter is changed.

Remember bulb pay up to £100 towards exit fees if you incur them when you apply to move.


Ok thanks

Hi @Tamcam ,

@dkhosy23 This is the best advice for now as we’re not quite rolling out prepayment meters yet. Will be in a couple of months, so if you don’t get around to this, we may be ready to switch you on our pre-pay tariff.