Prepayment Metre - Switching

Hi, I’m with Bulb for electricity and have a prepay meter with British Gas (not smart meter). Ideally, I’ve tried to get BG to take the meter out, switch to an ordinary tariff and then go to Bulb for gas too. However, in order for BG to take the meter out you need to pass THEIR credit check system, they don’t tell you what the standards are, myself and other tenants in the property have always failed, and BG refuse to tell you why you fail (and then you have to wait 60 days before you can try again). I’m not in debt, my credit score with Experian is great and multiple people have tried this system only to fail. Is there any way, now that Bulb have started to do prepayed meters to get this meter taken out and switch to an ordinary tariff. I am an existing customer and really struggle with a prepaid metre in these cold months.

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