Prepayment smart meters energy hoarding before 1st April

Hi all, if I top up my prepayment smart meter now, but use this energy after the price changes on 1st April 2022, would I be charged for my gas and electricity at the rates that applied when I topped up or at new rates starting on 1st April 2022? Thanks for the answer.
With old conventional prepayment meters this would be possible since suplier can’t change it remotely however with smart meters this can be done remotely at any point.
So i am looking for the confirmation from the BULB.

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Confirmed via money saving expert as long as your key meter isn’t a smart meter.

If you’ve a non-smart prepayment meter, the rates won’t change until the first time you top up following a price change, so any credit you’ve added before then will be charged at the old rates.

If you have a smart prepayment meter, this won’t work as these meters are updated remotely with the new rates on the day of a price change.

All you need to do is top up as much as you can afford to up to the limits of the meter before Friday 1 April, when prices will change for most, as the price cap (which standard prepayment tariffs must follow) [will rise by 54%]However, we appreciate this won’t be for everyone as many are struggling right now and won’t be able to afford anything.

I cant link the post due to forum rules but if you search in google for the headline of the article it will surface

“Prepay for your energy? You could keep today’s cheaper rates for a little longer – here’s how”

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