Prepayment/smart meters

I was wondering if the prepayment meter and smart meters uses the same machine reader? Like can I switch anytime between smart and prepayment meter with the same machine?
I don’t have smart meter or prepayment meter installed but I want one (ideally prepayment meter) so I’m curious.
Cannot get through the customer service it’s annoying.


Hi @Maddie1998x :wave:

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If eligible - you would need to change your meter to a smart meter, once changed (as long as it has a smart connection) then you could switch between smart top up and credit.

With the top up function you can then top up on your online account or with a card.

You can also get non smart prepayment meters where you would have to go to the shop every time to top up both meters.

I will pop you an email so we can look into your account and see what the options are.

Mel :grin:

What a load of bull, i had meters installed which ended up being pay as you go when i was clearly told it would be pay monthly, they now refuse to change it over, having to take it to ombudsman when they can be bothered to send me my deadlock letter, do not trust them!!!

Hi @JulieG, thank you for taking the time to post on community. I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had a poor experience with us.

Usually there is no problem between switching over to prepayment on a smart meter. However, in order to go from prepayment to direct debit payments we do need to run a soft credit check. If you don’t pass this then we normally wouldn’t be able to switch you over to direct debit.

However, there are exceptions to this (eg. you’ve had a healthy direct debit account with us before, or you have vulnerabilities which make it hard for you to stay on top of top-ups). I’d be happy to look into your case further and speak to the agents handling your issue to make sure it’s all clear. And I can only apologise if there’s been misinformation in the past around this. Just let me know and I’ll pop you an email.