Previous account in credit but supplier has gone bust.

I’ve just switched from GB Energy. My final bill came and it was in credit. GB Energy appear to have gone bust in the last 24 hours, before reimbursing the credit amount. OFGEM website suggests that my new supplier may apply this credit to my account. Will Bulb be doing this? Thanks.

Hi @lewisacrabtree,

Our understanding is that Ofgem’s safety net only covers people who are put onto a new supplier by the Big 6. So we don’t believe that Ofgem will supply us with your credit to give to you.

If we’re wrong then we’ll absolutely apply it. We’d love to be wrong. This is the first time that these energy supplier insolvency measures have been put in place, so there are several questions that still need to be answered by Ofgem.

All the best,

Thanks for the response. I will wait and see what happens. GB Energy should contact customers.

They are providing a link to the Ofgem safety net on their website at the moment so presumably it is relevant.

No problem. If we learn something different we’ll let you know.