PREVIOUS bulb users with monthly bills-moved and now on meters, can I change?

I recently moved to my new flat and realised they were with SSC and had both a gas and electric both, which are right a I’ve the main door (no used to me as I’ve a badly broken leg right now lol) at my old flat I was paying with bills and I was wondering if it would be possible to go back to bills and if it would be easily done? Thanks for any help!

Presume you mean now pre-pay meter, yes you can change at cost of £120, or free if you take “smart” meters, either way your leg will probably be better by the time they get round to changig them, won’t be until after the CV outbreak
you could try phone or chat, bulb may be able to send you out preloaded key/card

Hi @martin.scottish83 and welcome to our Community :bulb:

@skippy64 is bang on. Ordinarily, we would look to install a smart meter at your property to change to monthly bills. However, due to the situation with coronavirus we’ve had to suspend all non-emergency meter jobs and smart installations.

Here is a link with more information for our coronavirus advice for our prepay members: