Previous housemate submitted incorrect readings

My previous housemate submitted incorrect readings that would leave me paying for 40k units that a) I have not used and b) it would be very unlikely that I even could have used.

I have emailed their support twice but the replies did not even acknowledge this issue and asked for pictures I had already sent. I feel like they have a list of issues and can’t comprehend something falling outside their general remit.

I am extremely stressed about this issue as I can’t afford to pay for the electricity I did no use. I made things worse for myself by putting off dealing with this issue for a year- this is because my ex housemate behaved in a manner that was extremely distressing and I wasn’t able to cope with picking up the pieces she had left upon leaving.

Hello @katarzinia Welcome back to community

Thanks for explaining your situation, I have also taken a read of your emails and we really appreciate you getting in touch about this.

With situations where reads increase by a large amount in a short period of time we need to assess a few things such as, whether the meter could be faulty which is rare or if appliances are running inefficiently which an electrician/gas safe engineer can run a trace test to check

This could also just be a meter reading issue from when your old housemate submitted reads that could be incorrect, either way I am sure we can get to the bottom of it.

Feel free to reply to my email directly and we can take over the case for you, I just want to assure you we will support you on this.


Hey, many thanks for your quick response and reassurance. I couldn’t see your email?

I am happy for you to assess the equipment, though I am pretty sure this is a simple error, because actually I have made the same mistake before as the meter is hard to read and has a light reflecting directly into it.