Previous Meter Readings

Can anyone help these really annoying issues? (These don’t seem to be a problem with other companies):

  1. How do I see all my previous meter readings? I can only see 2 for July but I want to go back to my opening reading in April.
  2. Why am I showing an actual reading on 6th July (submitted at Bulb’s request) AND estimated reading 2 days later??
  3. How do I speak to someone at Bulb? Or is the company run by robots?

I’m starting to regret moving to Bulb; I think I might start looking for an alternative.


Bulb contact details are at the foot of the Help page:

Nope. There’s no phone number and no email address.

Really? It’s the last piece of copy on that page before the footer. I’ve attached a screenshot.

Oops… must be an age thing! Thanks.

Hi @Janice73

I’ve just been in touch with you by email, your first reading seemed to not have gone on to your account. I have now added this and your bills have now been produced.

Hopefully now there’ll only be good times to be had with us.