Previous occupant left incorrect electricity readings

Four months ago I moved into a new house and took photos of the electricity meter before switching to Bulb. The previous occupant left a wildly incorrect meter reading with SSE who accepted it was clearly wrong and sent me a final bill equating to the reading I took on the day of moving plus a few days until the switch to Bulb.

Bulb opened my account with the correct reading at the time of moving, but my first bill from Bulb now shows the opening reading to be the previous occupants wildly incorrect value, so for the first month I’ve been charged 5-6 times the usage in my subsequent months.

I mailed the Bulb helpdesk, who said they were looking into it, but that was 3-4 months ago and despite having supplied a copy of the final SSE bill my Bulb account is still showing estimates based off the incorrect value. Is there anything I can do to move this along? Thanks

@SteveWBT We’d sent the dispute to SSE, who’ve accepted it. We’re waiting for an official notification to come through (something called a dataflow), but in the meantime we can rebill you according to the correct reading.

You’ll be able to see the corrected bills in your online account, now. I’ve also emailled you a copy.

That’s great - thank you for getting back to me.