Previous Smart meter user

Hello. We previously had a smart meter with our old supplier (SSE) and was fine taking our initial meter readings from that when switching to Bulb. However, now we have switched, the smart meter no longer works. I am able to take the electric reading from the meter (make is Elster) that SSE installed under the stairs to link up to the smart meter, but this does not have a gas reading on it. How can I now get a gas reading?

@aarono23, for gas meters you generally have to press a button on the meter to get the readings to display. Which button depends on the meter that you have although gas meters often only have the one.

@Aarono23 Here is a guide which may help you read the meters

Let me know if that still doesn’t work.

Hello @daniel559 . The issue is that I can only see an Electric meter now and have no sight of a gas reading. This was previously on my smart meter device, but that has been switched off by SSE so no longer tracks my usage.

@Aarono23 There will be a separate gas meter somewhere else in the property, likely where the old non-smart gas meter was. It will never be the same device as the electricity meter.