Previous supplier, British Gas, has not provided a refund

I moved to Bulb from my previous supplier, British Gas, on 20th November. My account was in credit but when I asked them for a refund they said that they had not yet received readings from you, this was at the end of November.

“However we are currently awaiting electricity meter reading from your new supplier. I assure you, as soon as we receive the meter reading, we’ll close your account and send the accurate final electricity statement. It usually takes 15 days from the energy supply end date.”

Please can you confirm whether or not you have sent readings to British Gas and, if so, when they were sent.

Hi Lynn,

I’ve just checked for you and we sent out your opening readings on the 21st November, and they confirmed to us that they’d received them on the 1st December.

It can sometimes take a while for suppliers to generate and send the final bill. They can’t credit you or send it until they’ve generated that, but I’ve double checked for you and we’ve sent both your gas and electricity readings, so they have everything they need to do that.

I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful,