Previous supplier is still billing me

I have been bill again this month from my old supplier, SSE. I have cancelled my Direct debit and phoned them to find out Bulb have not sent my final Electric meter reading and I still haven’t got a finalised bill from them.
You have sent me Emails stating this had all completed? Please insure this is processed at your earliest convenience because currently I have been billed Twice in September and in Oct.

I’m sure you will agree, it is not exceptable to expect customers to pay energy tariff twice and await finalisation for a refund, especially after being informed this has all been finalised…


Mr C Phillips

How long ago did you switch across? Bulb does bill ‘a month in advance’ so it would have been a month after your first payment that you got your first Bulb bill - and it can take up to 6 weeks for the ‘closing reading’ to go from Bulb to ‘the independent regulator’ who then passes it onto your old supplier (SSE) who then produce the bill. If the regulator thinks something ‘isn’t right’, they may delay (or not send) the reading across. So from the time you ‘join Bulb’ to your closing bill from your old supplier (which may be 10 weeks after you signed up: 21 days ‘pre-switch over’ and then the 6 week wait), you would have made 2 Bulb payments and at least 1 payment to your old supplier (possibly two if they were quick with the closing bill).

If it’s been around the 4-6 week mark, it’ll be worth just dropping Bulb a message directly via (or give them a call see for telephone number/opening times) to see if they can pester the regulator + SSE. As this is a community forum intended for customers to help other customers and can get busy sometimes, Bulb staff may not see your message and email/calling/live chatting with them is the best option.

@Chrisphillips @RichyB is absolutely right. We have sent off your reading, but unfortunately, it’s not a direct communication with SSE. We have to send it to a company that checks over readings, and then sends it on to SSE - a process which can take up to six weeks, although is usually quicker.

SSE should receive your reading and be able to bill you soon.