Previous supplier smart meter

I have a smart meter which was installed by a previous supplier many years ago.
I’m not sure what type though.
Bulb started sending my bills using a reading they say they get from the meter. But it’s erratic, they admit themselves they are not very reliable because it’s not their meter. And yet still they use it to tell me my usage and my bills have gone through the roof! I know energy prices are going up but this is a huge increase.
I’ve started sending regular readings of my own because these should override any ‘smart’ readings.
Has anyone else had a similar situation and have you been able to be reassured you’re being billed correctly?
Thanks all! :grinning:

Hi @MummyJoJo - welcome to Community :wave:

It looks like you have first generation smart meters (SMETS1) installed by SSE on 9th November 2016. Up until recently, these were only smart with the supplier who installed them. That’s been fixed and we are now able to take automatic meter readings.

Your billing cycle runs from the 25th to the 24th, e.g 25th July - 24th August, so these are the dates we’ll use the smart reads. What I would advise is checking the readings on your gas and electricity meter on these days and then compare them to the readings we’ve used on your statement. If you don’t think they’re accurate then we can set it up so we’ll stop receiving smart reads and instead you can submit them manually again.

Let me know how you get on :slightly_smiling_face:

– Meg :bulb:

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That’s really helpful. Thank you Megan I’ll do that :blush:

No problem @MummyJoJo :slightly_smiling_face: