Price cap for the electricity standing charge

Why is my standing charge for electricity now 51.71 when the price cap for the standing charge is only 45.00 ??? not happy at all surely this is against the law .

Are you a prepayment customer? If so, the price cap is higher.

No we pay by monthly direct debit that’s my point

Definitely something wrong there then if you’re on the standard variable tariff. That’s one for Bulb to answer.

I sent Bulb an e mail same time yes .

Got a reply from Bulb they are saying they can exceed the price cap as we live in the wrong area, how dare we live in the south west huh , I am fuming.

Ofgem have clearly set a standard standing charge price cap , no mention at all of oh sorry if you live in the wrong area suppliers can charge what they like :hot_face:

I was just about to add that the price cap varies by region. So it’s not a standard charge for all areas. You’re being charged the Ofgem price cap standing charge for your area. Unfortunately that means customers in areas like South Scotland, Merseyside, North Wales and the South West of England will have seen huge increases in electricity standing charges.

Again where is that statement made by ofgem ,they state clearly the price cap is 45.00 not oh if your very unlucky suppliers can charge whatever they like ??

BULB not Ofgem are setting this price cap for these areas , ofgem say only that the cap is set at 45.00 and no allowances are mentioned for certain areas.

The Ofgem website is very badly laid out but it refers you to their industry page for regional price cap rates. I can’t find it and I can’t post links anyway, but if you Google “Big regional divide on some energy bill charges” you’ll find a BBC article explaining it.

Here’s the link below. Replace “colon” with an actual :


once again you are missing the point totally that’s a BBC WEBSITE not ofgem i give up, if Bulb do not sort this issue out I will contact both ofgem and my local MP Simple

I thought perhaps the paragraph below would’ve explained it:

“All consumer bills include a standing charge; a fixed daily payment covering the costs of supply and other levies. The regulator Ofgem caps them for consumers on standard default tariffs in England, Wales and Scotland, although the cap varies by region”.

Under the list of standing charges per region: Source: Ofgem

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Thanks for your imput anyway, but i am taking it further with Bulb direct .

As mentioned above, Bulb will just say they’re charging the rate for your region, as specified by OFGEM. Any argument should be taken up with OFGEM, not Bulb.

As i keep saying ofgem have only set one standing charge cap rate which is 45.00p per day and no mention of charging above that rate in some regions . a price cap is a price cap .

See the link below. Replace “colon” with an actual :


Section 2. Note under the table: “*Rates are averages and will vary by region, payment method and meter type”

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Hi standing charges for electricity as well as unit (kWh) are regional 45p is only an average
According to ofgem’s download standing charge in region 12 is the lowest at about 32p going upto about 58p ish
South Western is quoted as just over £200 per year
Take care everyone J.
If it’s any consolation where I am region 13 it has the most expensive unit cost in England Wales and Scotland!!!