Price change from 1st April

Electricity tariffs changed on 1st April, an increase of 4.91%. My display unit showed 0 usage for a couple of days, then kicked back in, but my usage since seems to be about 30% higher per day than in March. And that’s with the heating off! Anyone else noticed this?

Hi @the_core, has the IHD updated its tariff yet? It can take a while for the IHD to be uploaded with the new tariff after a price change. I would recommend restarting the connection which you can do from your Bulb account here: - Sam

Hi Sam, yes, it has updated the tariff. As I said, it struggled for a couple of days, showing no usage at all, but now is showing 30% more per day than before. Just wondering if it’s the IHD that’s at fault, because if the meter is actually charging that much more, then it’s not a 4.9% increase.