Price hike is a joke

Bulb want to increase my monthly payments from £109 to £321 as they say im using £200 a month on electricity in a small mid terraced house. After having the old gas and leccy meter being changed for the smart meter very strange how ive only used around £60 of elecrtic, spoke to bulb a few times this last month that as a disabled low pay worker this is totally unacetapble, but i might have well spoken to my wall as they dont care but they will when the DD is cancelled

Hello @darryl Thanks for your post and welcome to our community.

We are sorry that you have had issues with your payments, it does seem that the payments need to be checked over.

Its important to ensure your payment keeps your account in a good place but we have support options if you cannot afford the suggested payment change.

If you wish to cancel the DD, you can move to pay on receipt of bill so you pay the exact cost of the bill. Is this what you wish to do?

–Carl :bulb:

HI Carl im happy to pay by DD just at a realistic amount i can afford ie what the smart meter says plus some extra to go towards the arrears