Price hike soon as I have joined

I must say that I am disappointed in the fact that within one month of joining Bulb, I have been advised my payment needs to increase by £23 and a month and then told that my charges are also going to increase by a further £10 a month from November due gas price increase. Totalling a £33 increase my original quotation. I think it’s quite disappointing. this really isn’t going to be far from what I was paying at my previous supplier, I appreciate things like this happen but the main reasons for switching was to get a better deal on my fuel prices which doesn’t seem like it at all now. And to take place so soon after switching. Not going to lie but feel a bit misled and duped if I’m being honest.

Bulb did announce in their blog that prices were going up. Have a check against your old supplier now. Everyone is being forced to increase prices. Not really bulbs fault and they don’t charge exit fees if you want to change.