Price Hike. Still value for money?

Cheaper deal out there with other suppliers. Why not switch?

@Matt_White1976 with who?

When I looked recently Bulb still came out cheapest

@darryl5653 Try Money Saving Expert Cheap Energy Club. For me there are currently 17 cheaper tariffs than Bulb

so it is. The People’s Energy is slightly cheaper per unit, but the standing charge is almost 10p cheaper on both gas and electric!

Based on MSE, I could save £99 with Outfox (but they just don’t ‘feel’ legit to me with their site/membership etc: MSE customers rated 49% great, 25% okay, 25% poor on 59 votes), £66 with PurePlanet (not enough MSE feedback), £39 with People’s Energy (not enough MSE feedback) and £14 with igloo (not enough feedback) - all other providers are more expensive. Bulb ranked 3rd on MSE’s company service rating in May - the others aren’t listed.

Interesting all them who are cheaper offer ‘no exit fee’ and 100% renewable (apart from Igloo) and are variable rates - so their prices could go up shortly as well.

However, Bulb’s referral fee ‘bonuses’ make up for that (remember, just referring a single customer to Bulb nabs you £50 - just two referrals a year means I’m better off than even the cheapest one on the list) - along with the community here, the nice site and the excellent customer service (on the few times I’ve interacted with them) means I’m staying put for now :slight_smile: