Price hike

Your email in Feb indicated a price increase of 2.8% based on ‘typical’ usage [while my usage is more than this the proportions are similar to those detailed below]: dual fuel home using 3,100 kWh electricity and 12,000 kWh gas on average UK tariff?
You have increased my tariffs as follows:
Daytime electric 1.89%
Night-time electric 7.12%
Gas 9.99%
Even with standing charge unchanged how does that translate into 2.8%? Based on the usage above those increases translate into 8.7%
Tim Pearce

There has been previous posts relating to this, the figures sent out I believe were based on averages. Bulb did recognize that they should have been more customer specific. Having said that I have since done a price comparison and Bulb still come out near enough the cheapest despite my increase being around 10%.

Hi @tim3029 , @scudo hit the nail on the head with that one. We recognize that we didn’t communicate our price hike as well as we could have. We’re learning from our mistakes and we will communicate better with any future Bulb announcements.

Still don’t understand where the 2.8% comes from based on the various tariff increases - who is this ‘average’ or ‘typical’ user? To reflect that increase figure they would have to be an electricity consumer only or dual fuel with virtually no gas consumption. Are you saying that the average Bulb customer bill will go up by 2.8%? What profile fits that? If so, then I would be interested to hear from those customers when the next bills come in…

Hi Tim, the price changes were different regionally, this is due to differing costs between regions. As such a typical Bulb member would be paying 2.8% more, however, unfortunately as in your case, it is more than that. Apologies again for the lack of clarity and we will do better next time.