Price Hike

With British Gas today announcing a hike in energy prices due to increasing wholesale prices, are we expecting Bulb to Increase prices again?

Bulb notified their customers 60 days ago they would raise prices in mid August. They will always give 60 days notice to existing customers.

@darryl5653 Great question. It is without a doubt that whole energy prices have increased recently, but there is no foreseeable price rise on the horizon. Of course, if one is announced we will give 60 days notice and with no exit fees, you will be free to leave us at any time with no charge.

If Bulb uses 100% energy produced from green sources, presumably the increase of wholesale cost of gas/oil for traditional energy would not effect bulbs energy costs in the same way?

Hi Szico, if wholesale prices in general go up, that pushes up prices for us too - there is more competition for the green sources.

Of course they will. That’s why they’ve issued an email and blog post today so you can’t say you didn’t see it coming. This is normal industry tactics. Do nothing in the Spring/summer when it’s not being used (not even a decrease) but when August hits, get the price increase in so it’s all set up ready for End of October. They’ll probably tell us we are freezing prices in March “Whooooooopy” :frowning:

Just come off BG and joined Bulb thinking the move was better,now it might not be if these increases hit

Ha i just received the email saying they may go up in November!

Here is a link to the blog post, for those interested. Here is the Summer edition, following the last update in Spring: