Price history ¶

Where can I find a complete history of per-unit and standing charge prices for gas and electricity for residential customers on the vari-fair tariff?


It should be on your last statement and it’s advertised on bulb website I also got e mail in April when thy put their prices UP.

Not just the current ones on the website or on past statements (which I don’t have and can’t get), but ones going back to some point in the past (I don’t know what point right now, but don’t need to know re accessing a COMPLETE HISTORY.

Why can’t you get past statements, I’m no longer a customer of Bulb but can still see my statements to when I joined Bulb?

Only Bulb will be able to provide past price details as the information depends on your location.

Personally just the way I work but if I ask an organisation or an individual a question I like to give a reason why I want the information.

Hi @mpexecutor2019

If you log into your Bulb account and go to ‘Payments and Statements’ you should be able to access all your bills since being with us. On the right hand side of these bill you’ll find the tariff price.