Price Increase just after joining.

I am looking to get cost of my usage thus far as i will be switching to another supplier once again having only just switched to bulb. Your website does not give usage stats (cost) when you submit a reading can i ask why not? - also any issue switching once more having only just become a customer on 24th August

I received my welcome message on 7 September when I joined Bulb and four days later on 11 September, I was informed about an increase already! Maybe I should have stayed with my previous supplier with at least a 12 month fixed contract.

@EdCurtin - When you’ve not been with us very long we don’t have accurate annual usage for you, I can see what we’ve received from your previous supplier for this, otherwise all your bills give your usage stats - if you want me to pop you an email just reply to this and tag me by typing @“Bill at Bulb” and I’ll sort that for you.

@14Pealsham - I’m sorry you’re disappointed by this - you have until the 11th November to find another supplier for this - and by having a look at fixed deals you can continue with maybe more peace of mind. It’s worth keeping in mind that fixed tariffs usually cost more as they hedge on upcoming price increases though, but there are lots of people that are happier to have 1 constant.