Price increase on daily charge

Daily standing charge increase on last months bill ? no prior notification of this. Thought this was a good company, perhaps they are trying to recover some of their £26000000 loss.
Any answers please.

Showing as 20.44 on my latest statement (February)as it was last year
Sure your not looking at the statement before VAT

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To help answer your query what was your previous daily standing and what is your current daily charge?

By the way the latest accounts (i.e. y/e 2019) for Bulb shows their loss was £128 million, the figure of £26 million give or take a couple of millions was for y/e 2018.

13.31p per unit on February Statement
19.47 p per day on February Statement
Looking on my tariff page it now says the new charge is
13.98p per unit
20.44p per day As far as I know, I haven’t received anything to say it will change?

Anyone else noticed this?


Thanks for providing the information.

If you look at the two sets of figures one set is 5% more than the other which is the VAT element.

The tariff shows VAT added, the statement shows prior to adding the VAT.

Bulb have not increased their prices, I would suggest you have a recheck of your tariff and statements “fingers crossed” notice that one set of figures is prior to adding VAT at 5%?


The 2nd prices you mention are plus VAT. The website prices include VAT so you’ll know what the true cost is.