Price increase

Just switched due to the savings you offer and I’ve received an email to say that there is a price increase of an extra £7 per month. This makes it cheaper for me to go to EDF, so I will cancel my switch. Poor show guys.

We’ll be sorry to see you go @zac1106, but completely understand. We follow the wholesale market so closely that we have to increase our prices when wholesale prices go up as significantly as they have over the last few months.

Two price increases in 3months naughty H


I’m a fairly new customer so have only been affected by the most recent price increase. However as an existing customer this price increase wont come into play for 60 days after notification of the increase. In the price increase notification Bulb were quiet transparent in saying to customers if you are unhappy you can switch to another supplier with no exit charge.
in bold letters it says:

“Remember, it might be worth thinking about switching your supplier.”

Other suppliers have put up their cost, so if you think Bulb are naughty you can always do a price comparison to see whether you are better off with another company.

As for me, I will stick with Bulb.

@HNRoper we are sorry you feel that way, we don’t like raising prices either and as @Allanr said, this is actually two price increases in 6 months for existing member as we give 60 days notice. If you do find a supplier who fits your needs better and you would like to leave to leave, we’ll be sad to see you go but we won’t tie you down with any exit fees