Price increase

Please can you explain to me why when you say you have capped the price increase at £24 per annum

‘Since July, wholesale energy and government policy costs have gone up by £63 per year for a typical home. However, Bulb has found efficiencies and cost savings of £39, allowing us to keep this price increase to just £24.’

For us the increase is more than three times higher at more than £78 a year

For you, this means your energy will cost £6.72 more each month. We’ve attached a letter with more details on how this affects you.

Judith Nixon

“for a typical home”.

@judith_1 here are two threads about this issue:

The below shows how for a typical home with 3100 kWh of electricity use and 12000 kWh of gas use varies by region and also depends on whether it is an electricity only account or whether you have an Economy 7 meter. The 2.8% figure is an average for all regions and for the most common set up, a one rate meter with a gas supply. The £24/year figure corresponds to this ‘typical’ home.

Another factor which complicates things is, because this is only a change to the unit rates and the standing charge remains the same, that for higher users the price increase is more substantial. This is also the case if the member has a higher gas consumption than electricity consumption, as the increase is more to gas than electricity. The below sheet is for a member who may use 3100 kWh electricity and 24000 kWh gas, so double the amount of gas than the average household.

For anyone also interested in all the new rates: