Price increase?

I joined bulb on the 10th may, the very same day I received an E Mail warning me of possible price increases in August, what a welcome, I think a word with the public relations department regarding timing would be appropriate

Pure coincidence you joining Bulb today and notification of wholesale energy costs are increasing, the email today does not say prices are increasing.

That’s why I stated possible price increases in my comment

Hi @Telayl. As all our members are on the same tariff, if we do change our prices it affects all members, no matter when they joined. We sorry you received the email letting you know of (possible) bad news on the day you switched over to us. But we want to keep everyone in the loop as much as possible. We will give 60 days notice if we do have to increase our prices.

At Bulb. I am sorry but my experience just doesn’t align to the simple easy promise you promote. I’m switching from BG. You’re sending me notifications to give first meter reads but app account says I can’t submit as still being switched. Then before I’m even on boarded you’re emailing with 1) info saying prices may go up!! And 2) do I want to refer someone?!? All in all rubbish. Focus on getting smart meters and timing your customer communications so they actually align with where the customer is

@Telayl I agree! It’s not coincidence it’s poor management. Imagine ordering a dish in a restaurant and when the waiter brings your order tells you it may be more expensive than the price you saw in the menu. Would we just smile and take it? It is the purpose of fixed deals. If bulb have hedged their energy purchasing effectively they don’t need to communicate potential price rises !

@Ohaywood75 I am deeply sorry about your switch difficulties, looking into your account you should be able to submit readings now. You can head here to do so

In terms of the price increase, I can see why it seems like poor management/communication to you, and we really really do not want to increase prices but we feel keeping our members in the loop about wholesale energy costs is the best option. One of the downsides of having one tariff for every customer is that if we do increase prices we have to increase them for every single customer that we have, so whatever day that we do it on it will mean the unfortunate case that you have experienced.

The referral email is sent out to all members to see if they would like to help anyone else sign up having done it themselves and offers a great chance to save money on their bills.

It is the purpose of fixed deals
Bulb is not a fixed deal and doesn't claim to be, that is made very clear.

Thanks for picking up on that one @Pottager, sorry @Ohaywood75 if that wasn’t communicated effectively enough for you, I’ll pass that on to the relevant department.

It is only fair that every customer of Bulb receives notice of an increase or decrease at the same time. It would be a deception to not tell new customers at the same time as other customers if an increase is pending and Bulb could then be accused of keeping new customers in the dark.

My dealings with Bulb find them straight forward ,clear in information given to customers and very competitive. Indeed not having a fixed contract as other suppliers do, to hold users and fine them if they leave early, is a sign that you can rely on Bulb to be very competitive.