Price Increase

Am I missing something. My email from Bulb states that the price increase will be £1.40p per month. However go into the Blog and it says that the average household will pay aprox £4 per month more. Which is it.? Where can I see the price per unit for electricity and gas once the increase has been implemented in order that I can work it out myself?
K Rapley

Evening Kenneth

There should be a pdf file from Bulb at the bottom of their e-mail…Just open that and your prices should be there…and differences in old prices from 11th August to the 12th August 2018 which is the day prices rise.

All the best :slight_smile:

Hi @kenneth549 in your email the figure relates to the increase as it relates to you, this is affected by your metering set up and usage. On our blog post to make it relevant for everyone we have given the increase in terms of the price for an average home in the UK. As @IanB said you should be able to find the further details of the tariff increase in the pdf attached to the email relating to the price increase. Let me know if you have any other questions.