Price Increase

How come your Gas price unit rate is increasing by 29.64% when wholesale energy prices are rising by 18%? (2.80pence going up to 3.63pence)

Thats weird mine is going up to 3.92p. I’ve only just joined but will be looking at switching again now.

Hi @GrahamDavies and @Craxykitten - Thanks for getting in touch. As a whole energy prices have risen 18%, but Gas has risen a lot more. You’ll notice your electricity has gone up less than 18%. I’ve popped a link from the telegraph that goes into more detail on how high gas prices have risen.

@Craxykitten - there are slight differences in the price region by region. This is due to the varied costs of actually getting energy into different areas of the country, this is why you’ll have a different rate. If you don’t think Bulb is right for you anymore though, you have until the 11th November to think it over and find another supplier if you wish.