Price increase

After switching to Bulb 1 week ago I’ve just received an email to announce a huge rise in energy costs. Timing is either unfortunate or timely for Bulb? Seems a little unfair given I signed up due to this being a cheaper option at the time.

The trouble with a variable tariff is the price…varies.

Keep an eye on this chart, when (if) it starts to drop, Bulb will drop its prices quicker than most.

Hi @Chaddy - I think it’s more unfortunate - we don’t like raising our prices, but a great deal of it is out of our hands with wholesale markets as they are. You have 2 months to mull it over and if you find another supplier that suits you better you’re free to leave before the price increase takes effect. @phproxy is quite correct, although we give 60 days notice of any increases, if the wholesale price drops by more than £20 per annum, we drop our prices immediately.