Price increase

I have literally just joined bulb & it’s announced there’s a second price rise, due to cost of wholesale energy, I thought this was a green company using renewable energy???

Same! Only just joined and getting a price rise. I’ll be shopping around to ensure it’s still the cheapest.

I left NPower as they gave me a bill of £240 13 months AFTER I moved home
Increased my payments by almost double but it was the lack of communication that left me overdrawn on my bank account of which I am still paying for
Joined Bulb 20 th August and they did notify me of a price increase however I didn’t expect it to be £10 plus- will have to do some comparisons and hopefully won’t need to switch

I too have only just joined Bulb after my previous supplier, British Gas, put their prices up yet again. I’m really gutted that almost the first contact I have with Bulb is them telling me they’re putting their prices up. As a disabled customer I used to recieve help from British Gas/government with yearly payments which I don’t think I will receive as a customer of Bulb. I also thought that with Bulb being a Green Energy company they wouldn’t be increasing their prices the moment energy prices went up elsewhere. I was about to convince my family and friends to join but with the price increase its hard to recommend.

When the wholesale price goes up as a whole, the green energy price follows. It would be unfair to blame bulb for a market that they have no control of. The only good thing from an environmental point of view, is that the more that the gas price goes up, the more wind mills / solar panels etc will be installed. People will be more careful with consumption and energy saving measures will be more cost effective.

Hi @Newby, @Kowska , @HamsterHam and @John_from_Essex. We’re sorry for the disappointment you’ve felt with us here, we really appreciate that this is not the news you want to hear, and is also why we give far more notice than what Ofgem recommend so that you can think things over and see if Bulb are still right for you. As @Kowska said we did let everyone know that prices had been going up in the wholesale market and that if this continued the prices would have to be raised.

@PaulMC12345 - thanks for your comments too, Paul’s right that if non-renewable prices go up it affects the renewably generated sources as well in the wholesale market. They all have the same price regardless of source (renewables cost a little bit more as you purchase a certificate with it that proves it comes from a renwable source). Paul’s also right in saying that the more these prices rise for things outside of our control, the more demand and investment that will be pumped into more reliable methods of energy generation - hopefully created on our shores.

We’ve gone into more detail on our blog here if you’d like to read:

The annual cost of energy, as energy firms like to use, is such as misleading and vague measure of actual energy costs. Bulb’s gas price has gone up from 2.9 pence to 3.81 pence per KW/H. Where is the big headlines about this 31% increase?

Hi @rey2004 - Here’s a recent article from the Telegraph if that helps? Thought you might like a non-Bulb source.

Thanks Bill. If wholesale gas is at 2.5p per KW for this winter, and that’s about 50% of the retail price…

Before joining bulb in August this year, I asked if the price would be going up again, NO was the answer. I am livid about this price change. I am resolved to keep changing supplier in the vain hope I might find one that honest - fat chance by the seem of it. This is already my second change this year as Igloo did exactly the same thing. What on earth is the regulator doing about this covert behaviour.

Hi @irene2 - I’m saddened to hear that you didn’t feel you were informed on this, and that you feel you were given incorrect information. As I’ve mentioned on a few of our other threads we communicated this to every member that joined from a price comparison website, and put up additional info on our website during the quote section to say that wholesale prices had been rising and if they didn’t go down that we’d have to raise our prices.

Our only tariff is a variable one and it can change with wholesale prices. We’re clear on this too and it’s pretty extensively mentioned in the welcome pack you receive when you sign up. I can see you aren’t happy with Bulb but you will still be on the price you signed up with and have adequate time to switch away if you find a supplier that more closely matches what you are after.

I also joined recently and have yet to supply a meter reading. I came through uswitch and do not recalling being advised that prices were about to rise. Could you remind me how I got / was meant to get this information?

Hi @rhonat - it was an email from titled ‘an update on wholesale energy prices’. It was sent to you the day after you signed up to us through uSwitch (we receive all uSwitch info the day after they switch very early in the morning).

Thank you all for your comments, I think whichever supplier you are with, the prices will go up, but I will give bulb a chance & see how it goes, they seem a little different from the rest & the emails are polite & not harsh, so will see.