Price increase

How is it that I only joined Bulb this week and yet 2 days later I get notification that you are imposing a price increase? Surely it would have been more honest of you to tell me when I joined 2 days ago that we are due for a price increase this week?
And how is it that the price increase for a normal household is going to be £8.50/month and yet I am being charged £12.77/month? I live in a very small (ex-council) 3 bedroom house and use my gas sparingly.
With many thanks.

Hi @Sheelah, We only have the one tariff and it’s variable. If we raise our prices we raise it for all of our members. We know no one likes increases, so we informed all our members who were already with us of the increasing prices, and also updated our switch website informing everyone that joined that wholesale prices are rising, and that the tariff may change.

The price increase won’t take place until the 11th November, so we’ve given 60 days notice (double what Ofgem require us to give). We also don’t charge exit fees so if you wish to choose another supplier you can do with no financial penalty.

As for the price increase, it’s based on a complete average across the whole country, different regions of the UK have different costs to get energy into people’s homes and this may be why yours is coming up slightly differently. I’d also like to add that since you are so soon into joining us this is a rough estimate, for our members who have been with us longer we’ll have more detail on their usage and we’d have a more accurate amount that their costs would be increasing by.

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I always think it is a bit misleading when Bulb mentions they only have one tariff. It is correct to say your tariff is variable but the exact tariff varies depending on where you live.

Hey @Allanr - it’s a valid point, but we still consider it correct that you only have one tariff available to you when you sign up (2 if you have an economy 7 I guess) - Would be happy for suggestions to increase clarity though :slight_smile: