price increase

What is the new price per unit of electricity for (a) day and (b) night usage

This is twice this year. Not happy

Just swapped over to Bulb, which hasn’t gone very well, and to add insult to injury there’s now a price hike. Should’ve stayed where i was. Frustrated is an understatement!

Likewise I got a quote based on last years meter readings they’ve had one payment and want to hike it by £35 a month… I’m not impressed

Hi @DonG - There should have been an attachment on your email detailing the new rates - if you didn’t have this let me know and I’ll send you another.

@Ryan_scott , @PAULD_01 , @Sjn1313 - thanks for the feedback, and I appreciate the frustration with this - This is an industry wide issue with these gas shortages, and we held out as long as we could. You’ve got 2 months to research the market and choose a different supplier if you don’t think Bulb are right for you, and since we don’t have any exit fees or set contract lengths you can do this penalty free before the new rates come into effect. We did our best to give as much advance notice of this as possible, and are giving double the recommended notice time that Ofgem suggest, but we are aware that this isn’t much comfort to our members at this time - We’ve still lowered our prices more than we’ve raised them, and we hope to do that again as soon as possible.