Price increase

Shocking news 18% you say but £39 a month more more like 30% this is disgusting a massive increase

It’s pretty disappointing but not surprising, ours went up another 20%.

Hayden and Amit in their blurb claim to be making energy “Simpler, Cheaper, Cleaner”, but the reality is they’re not actually making(generating) any electricity, they’re buying from the same market as everyone else and have now failed me on one of their own core values.

However, you’re not locked in and moving is so easy using Uswitch.

A wee visit to Uswitch and I’ve signed up to a cheaper 2 year fixed deal with another provider.

It’s been a short and bitter/sweet experience with Bulb, I very much doubt it’s one I’ll repeat.

Have just joined Bulb and was informed that a price increase may happen, but to now be told the the gas price has gone up by 26.3% came as a shock , will now be looking to switch again.

Hi all, thanks for the candid feedback. It’s a big increase, but it’s due to the significant gas shortages leading to much higher gas prices.

We appreciate that it’s not good to start with a price rise, and we always give a ton of notice about these rises, precisely so you can weigh up your options and switch if you aren’t happy, as @Coal_Fired has done. We aim to be as cheap as we can, but we won’t be irresponsible and gamble on the market changing and losing - it’s happened to a few suppliers this year and they’ve subsequently shut down.

None of you are locked in, and I hope you all find what you are looking for. We know that variable tariffs aren’t for everyone, and we don’t want to keep you with us if it would make you unhappy. Best of luck with any new suppliers if you do decide to leave.

Bill, I completely understand what you are saying here but your response comes across as a little lump it or leave.

Variable tarrifs are no good for any consumer of the only way the vary is by increasing.

Has there been any discussion on having fixed term options so you can purchase your supply in advanced knowing how many customers you have on a certain tarrif?

Hi @LM123 - we’ve discussed it before, but we’re really adamant that all our members are always on our best possible tariff. We’d lose that with an additional fixed model, and we don’t want any of our member base to feel that they should always be checking to see if they’re being unfairly treated compared to other tariffs with the same supplier. It’s unlikely this is going to change soon. We’ve still lowered our prices more than we’ve raised them since we started in 2015 and with a variable tariff whenever the wholesale price drops we are able to make those changes rapidly.

If our aim to create a more simple system comes across as ‘lump it or leave it’ to you then we’re sorry, but seeing other competitors offering loss-leading tariffs where others in their member base are paying over the odds doesn’t sit well with us, and we don’t wish to contribute to that.

@John2152 - I’m not really sure how to respond to your comment. I’m sorry you feel that way, but everyone from Bulb who has commented on the community has been nothing but pleasant. Please don’t use insulting or derogatory language.